Prophet Patrick Buwemba
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Be Useful

Dec. 4, 2019

The Chariot Eye
Wednesday, 13th November 2019

Prophet Patrick Buwemba

_Be Useful_

Psalms 127:4 Children born to a young man are like arrows in a warrior's hands.

The Psalmist likens children to arrows. Arrows are small and yet powerful during times of war because they can travel far and were used for killing the enemy a far off. An arrow must be sharpened well for it to be effective.

Good sons are like arrows in their fathers hands which when aimed at a mark they hit it. God will use sons as swift weapons to advance the gospel in the lives of many in the future .We are our Father's primary line of defense .We offer protectors and defense to the man of God .We Go where he can't .

Arrows don't have a say to where they are aimed at but the person holding them knows best therefore be that refreshment to our man of God .As sons we submit to our Father and by doing that we find purpose .
You only have purpose because you are still in the hands of the master .

Father I am ready to an arrow that defends my house and those in it. I will go anywhere you send me .