Prophet Patrick Buwemba

Our Ministries/Departments



ALLOS is a Greek word to mean “another of the same kind”. It was started in 2016 by Prophet Patrick Buwemba as a project under EXOUSIA word ministries, and as a platform to fund school fees for the disadvantaged. It successfully supported two fruitful individuals in this education scheme with great testimonies. Allos has now grown into a Community Based Organisation within the community of Kireku in Bweyogerere, with a great vision of transforming the community spiritually, socially, economically, education-wise, and in all other aspects of life.

Transforming Kireku and the surrounding into a sustainable community.

To empower Kireku and the surrounding community through hand skills training, education
support and nurturing.

Core Values
Transparency- accountability to the organization and authority figure
Integrity - Doing the right thing even when no one is watching.
Equity - Fair opportunities for all.
Respect - For persons within and without the organization
God-centered- All activities driven by the desire to serve God.

Reaching out to as many people in the community as possible.
Having well-rounded students in the center, equipped in skills as well as spiritual knowledge.
Having members of the community that have a desire to serve God in all they do.
Creating an environment of stable and well-educated youth.
Giving back to the community through outreach projects.


Kings Reign is a men’s ministry under exousia. It's a men’s body concerned with answering and solving men groan and vision. It was started the year 2017 being headed by Ap. kabada Gerald currently by Ap. Timothy. In its walk has so far had only 2 annual events: Men’s lock-in and men’s conference. It was started to turn boys into men; men of a great future, kings if I must say so.

Our Vision
To make boys Men

To reach out, relate and build up as many men as possible under the grace of our Father for the glory of God.

Background scripture
Ecclesiastes 8:4 Where the word of a king [is, there is] power: and who may say unto him, What doest thou?

President: Ap -Timothy.
Secretary/Finance: Steward Benjamin.
Coordinator/mobilizer: Mr. Dan Beru.

In the year 2019, the events planned are;
-1&2nd June men’s conference.
-6th September men’s retreat.
-5th October men’s breakfast.
-30th March… men’s lock-in

So far this year we have had 2events successfully as stated and yet to celebrate more.



Dorcas Ministries is a Women’s Ministry under Exousia Word Ministries established in 2018.
It is Overseen by Prophetess Florence Buwemba. It aims at empowering women spiritually, physically and financially. We meet the spiritual needs of women by grounding them in the Word of God from which they grow into Prayerful and Godly people.
We reach out to women in the community and beyond, teaching the word of God, giving back to the needy, doing some community work and skilling them to better the lives of people. We know the destine of a Nation is in the handles of a woman. Once she is transformed the entire Nation will be transformed.
As Dorcas, we started up a SACCO economically empower ladies by teaching woman how to handle finances.
We use this phrase “Receive money, save it and then invest it.”
*Dorcas Ministries Programmes and activities*
-Annual Ladies’ and Women’s Conference. (where we register a growing number of women during our conferences every year.)
-Ladies’ lock-ins (where we also have Question and Answer sessions and Bible study).
-Skills Training programs (where we have activities like Baking lessons, tailoring, liquid soap making and outreaches to the community, cooking classes).